Reclamation of Saraibari lake of Barabanki


A beautiful example of Government – Public partnership can be seen in the surprising transformation of Lake Saraibari in Barabanki (Uttar Pradesh).

With extensive knowledge and ethereal motivation, Shri Mohit Ji (Officer of Forest department) took up the extensive task of the revival of the lake some time back. The administration says that the aid of the locals was immaculate in the successful revival of the lake. The locals helped in a number of ways which included construction of ‘bandhas’ and some even went as far as to voluntarily provide their land for the construction of pavements beside the lake.

A 12 Hectare Lake which earlier turned barren in summers, today acts as a reservoir for over 1.2 crore liters of water throughout the year. Not only has the lake made the surrounding area more pleasant but also opened up economic opportunities for the locals like leading to the development of the tourism industry, fish keeping, and farming of water chestnuts.
The lake has a number of environmental benefits which act as a cherry on top of its financial benefits, these include increasing the fertility of the nearby area, providing a natural habitat for animals, and even leading to the growth of algae replenishing the oxygen in the area at a fast pace.

Such instances demonstrate that the cooperation between the administration and the common man possesses unmatched value in the successful execution of government policies.

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