Providing Environmental Education to unprivileged children

We have learned this from a very early age that we have a responsibility of protecting and preserving our Mother Nature. Although we barely took it serious but atleast we knew. How about those who have more struggles in life than to think about environment.
We are here talking about underprivileged children who have no access to study nor a better life. We have seen litre floating in and around such slums where they come from. For having a cleaner environment this is the place where one should target more.

Meet “Aashraya Foundation Home for Children” in Karnataka, they are a true gem in this area. From allowing these children to learn and stay, they also teach them how to keep our surroundings clean. They started this foundation in the year 2010 and since then are working tirelessly. They are providing underprivileged children education alongwith food and shelter.
Additionally they teach them methods of preserving natural resources along with environment and most importantly they aware them against all social evils. How great such initiatives are, they are mending the most affected minds.
Well they have taught these kids how to prepare an Eco-brick, they have teach them organic tooth powder and many such innovative things. They have sure to teach them a better lifestyle for all these years.
Naman to all the volunteers of this foundation. We wish to be a part of such an effective initiative. We should take motivation from them and start reaching out to slums and have our own “Aashraya Foundation”. If not possible to provide them food and shelter atleast we can help them be a good individual.
Let’s take oath to promote our “Clean and Green environment” initiative to every such slum area, like people in Karnataka are doing.

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