Plantation done by using Japanese technique “MIYAWAKI” The forest will fast, try it and see!

Forests are the basis of our survival and form very important part of our ecology system. Forests play very vital role in regulating climate are are also home for many wildlife.
In order to preserve the balance in nature, forests are of high importance. And apart from providing many benefits to the environment, forest also give a sense of tranquility to the mind with lush green view and soothing breeze. But due to expanding population and increasing urbanization, many trees are being cut resulting in deforestation.
This has paved way to modern concrete forests that we have built around ourself. The urban residents always find an excuse to escape from this concrete jungle and wish to be close to nature, thus this has given rise to homestays and jungle resorts which in turn resulted in deforestation.
But what if you get to know that you can have a dense forest in your own locality? Isn’t it dream come true? Yes, now it is possible with a technique called ‘MIYAWAKI’ originally developed by Japanese scientist ‘Akira Miyawaki’. This is a dense plantation technique, in which native Indian species are planted with a strategy to place sapling which supports the growth of the adjacent sapling. Here the forest is estimated to grow 10x faster and 30x denser.
This technique is implemented by Seva Sahayog Foundation and is carried out in various locations like : Malad, Kandivali, Goregaon and IIT-Mumbai(Powai). A total of 7195 plants and 49 species have been planted which has covered 13,500 sq.ft area.
The Seva Sahayog Foundation started Urban Forestation program in 2018 with an objective of
1. Increasing urban dense forestation and thus increase the green cover in city.
2. Enhancing the biodiversity
3. Increasing carbon fixing and climate change mitigation

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Meharpreet kaur
Meharpreet kaur
1 year ago


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