Natural school is giving free nature lessons to lakhs of students

Nature is one of god’s creations that facilitates not only the ecosystem but also food, shelter, and more.
Caring for nature is an ancestral tradition in India; we believe a tree is a divine form. Today, more people realize the benefit of tree plantations. People are taking up tree plantations as a hobby. Communities are planting trees in their neighbourhood and encouraging others to do so.
Komera Jaji, also known as Medical Komera Jaji, has a vast knowledge of medicinal plants and transforming them into the new green world. He started planting the Nallamala forest in the adjoining area of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Lakhs of nature-loving people soon join him through his mission green school. His focus is on the school going teenagers and teaching them the benefit of planting medicinal plants like Neem, Basil, Lemon, Mango, Tsunamukhi and other local trees. He categorically divides the plants that can be grown indoors, around the residents and villages.
He believes that deforestation is a threat to humanity, as humans have faced outbreaks of viruses and diseases in recent decades. Every home needs a doctor, which is impossible, so ancient knowledge, also known as wellness technique, becomes essential.
As per saying “mātā bhūmih putruahan pṛthivyā:”, Komera Jaji is a true son of mother earth because he understood the value of trees and was also awarded the Sankalputra award for his work in Hyderabad. He is trying to save the endangered medicinal plants and transform India by disseminating plantation knowledge to children’s “the world’s future”.
Slogan:”Each one, teach one, to plant one” explains the motto of Mr Komera Jaji. BH
His work can also be accessed through the “Village Life Journey’s” Youtube channel.

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