Nasatra village of Assam now a clean, green and polythene free village under Shri Ananda Khataniar- Uttar Assam

One step can someday bring a huge change to our surroundings. Anand Khataniar has been exceptional in this field. He gave up his old work just to serve Mother Nature. From 2012 to 2022 it has been ten years mow and he has converted a whole village plastic free.

His journey started from 1st January, 2012 where he took a great decision for the rest of his life and ‘Green Mission, Bajali’ an organization to preserve nature, was set up under his supervision. On that very day a ‘Bokul Tree’ was planted in the campus of 1 No. Primary School of his village Kurobaha. In that grand programme he promised that he would plant trees and protect/preserve them with his own earnings till death.

In this way, the journey of his dream ‘Green Mission’ started in an unending way. He began his work in various educational institutions- from the primary schools to the colleges organising awareness among the student community.

On 19th June, 2016, he was awarded with a title ‘Seuji Surya’ by ‘Writers’ Forum Pathsala on 1st July, 2017, he was declared district brand ambassador by DFO, Barpeta. Gradually, this organisation gained its popularity all over the state. He feels fortunate as was invited to the educational institution B-N. Higher Secondary School in WadNagar where the hon’ble Prime Minister studied himself.

On 26th January, 2018 in the celebration of Republic Day he was declared Brand Ambassador by Barpeta District Administration and was felicitated with a citation, seleng and a memorial. The former Health and Education Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma awarded this honour officially.

Khataniar added, ‘the use of plastic to a great extent is a major cause of environmental degradation. Disposable plastics are thrown away or burnt or dug anywhere which is a great threat to human health.

Instead of using plastic bags, tea glasses or dishes biodegradable materials like earthen cups, glasses, dishes, bags of clothes or paper and Kal Patuwa (trunk of plantation trees) can be used and in this regard I organised various awareness Programmes in various places. Not only the awareness programmes, I tried to unite the potters and the owners of tea stalls at Pathsala. Since ancient times these potters have been earning their livelihood by selling earthen jars. But at present people have started to use plastic materials which is a neglect to a specific community’.

Nasatra village under Barpeta District of Assam now clean and green and polythene free village. As a Brand Ambasador of Forest and Environment he has taken the initiative of Nasatra (Krishna Guru Ashram) becoming a green pollution free and polythene free village on 01/ 07/2018.

The villagers to use paper and Cotton bag and speculated that through this green revolution ‘Nasatra will be able to occupy a significant position in the global tourism map. Most of the self help group of the village has already begun production of paper bag for use in marketing. Which has been declared as clean and green village.

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Pustam Sunani
Pustam Sunani
11 months ago

Wonderful.Great works.Commendable.Thanks to initiate innovative ideas.

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