Made Rooftop garden using waste plastic material – Telangana

Re-use, reduce & recycle have for long been driving people to do intresting innovations, especially when it comes it plastics. In big cities we have seen terrace filled with such recycled stuffs as they barely have land to pursue their gardening dreams.

One such family from Telangana Prant have done a fabulous job by turning their terrace into a beautiful kitchen garden. All the plastic which else would have called waste was recycled and painted to create pots for plants. Other thing recycled is tyres and tanks.

This has become a new way of planting trees in urban cut of the country. This not only draws one’s attention towards art and painting but also towards plantation. People keep a small plant at their table tops, their houses have trees at corners.

We from Paryavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi extend our gratitude towards such enthusiasts. May their creativity lead to so many more kitchen gardens.

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