For the sake of protecting environment, stop using plastic now.

Big cities have flats and societies, they do various activities together. From Ganpati Pooja to National festivals. Same goes for the Birthdays of kids in the society. Every time a event is conducted, there remains a heap of plastic disposables.

In Dakshin Karnataka Prant, a set of active residents of both Apsara Gold and Elegant Emporium decided to reduce the garbage. They started renting steel cutleries for such events. However it mostly remained expensive. So the society members decided to buy one common set of cutlery for all.

And as decided they brought one, a set of 150 units each. Later the same set was used for any event of the society. The huge heap of disposables went extinct.

This small but great effort has almost removed the single used plastic usage from the colony. As such colonies have a event every now and then and such arrangements do phenomenal job at that time.

The work is appreciated by other colony members too and they too are switching to steel cutleries.

What an absolute effort. These active residents of Apsara Gold and Elegant Emporium, Karnataka seriously need applause.

Go Green ans save our Mother Nature.

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1 year ago


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