Earth Day: Why and How Can We Invest In Our Plant

Earth Day: Why and How Can We Invest in Our Plant

It takes billions of years for rare diamonds to form deep inside the surface of the earth and to protect this rarity, we need to guarantee their responsible sourcing. Hence, the choice we make today will be directly reflected in our Plant tomorrow. We all know that Earth Day is commemorated every year on April 22 to emphasize the significance of environmental protection. ‘Invest In Our Planet’ is the official theme for 2022, and while the concept may seem difficult, it is simple to give back to the planet. “Earth offers enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed,” Mahatma Gandhi said. We could begin by acknowledging that the world and its bounty are gifts to us, rather than rights we have earned. We forget that this is our only home when we misuse its resources for our own selfishness.We could start by acknowledging that the earth and its bounties are a gift to us, and not privileges that we have earned. Afforestation is the biggest gift we can give to parched cities, degraded wildlife habitats and plundered forests. Signing up for plantation drives, planting trees as often as possible and even gifting and dedicating trees to loved ones can lead to a greener planet one sapling at a time.

Today everyone calls for universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water” and the least we can do is to not waste it. what we do ? Can we change our habits of wastage? can we try rainwater harvesting, check our kitchen and toilet for wasteful leaks, turn off water while brushing our teeth or shaving, use our washing machine only for full loads, water our plants during cooler parts of the day and remember every drop that we save counts. India is the world’s third-largest consumer of electricity and our reliance on conventional or non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas is extensive. We could ask policymakers to reduce the use of fossil fuels at the national level but also on our own curtail the irresponsible use of energy. We can become more responsible as the citizens of this planet, by consuming less, recycling and upcycling objects, reducing waste, switching to organic, locally sourced produce, eco-friendly cleaning agents and eschewing fast fashion. The results of these choices may not be apparent right away, but they have long-term, permanent implications. Let us make a small change today for a big positive impact in the future.

if we Look around us, we realized How We have become highly dependent on plastic. We need to raise awareness in communities about poor waste disposal activities. Other actions that can be taken to limit the impact of plastic bags on the environment include taking part in neighborhood clean-up efforts, voluntarily recycling household waste, avoiding littering and illegal dumping of plastic shopping bags, using eco-friendly materials as an alternative and adopting legislation that would make the use of plastic bags less attractive.

In conclusion, it is vital that on world Earth Day, we echo our promise to protect the natural world by ensuring that responsible sourcing is at the heart of everything we do, the core, so to say, to make life brilliant.

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