Dhruvansh Organisation organised Clay Ganesha awareness program for students

In Telangana Prant an organization is actively working towards reviving the idea of “Save Mother Nature” for past 8 years.

‘Dhruvansh’ was started in November 2014, with only an objective ‘My Earth My Responsibility’. They have observed that materialistic environment has totally replaced all values related to physical environment. People are disconnected from nature and kids totally avoid it. They realize that this is high time to initiate an awareness program which will not provide awareness but effective awareness.

Dhruvansh is doing a lot of awareness programs to save the environment .They have done Global awareness programs in many schools and till now have covered 40 schools.

They do presentations and competitions. From Awareness events of World Earth Day (Bhoomi), World conservation Day (Prakrati), International film festival for children (I have a dream) in ShilpVedika , Traffic awareness with pollution ethics, Lakes-Life line of Hyderabad, Dhruvansh drinking water huts in Manikonda, Save the Water Save Life campaign on World water day 2016,Garbage to Garden –waste management in Manikonda, They are doing it all consistently.

Recently they conducted ‘Clay Ganesha’ competition, this fun but very interesting activity drew student’s attention towards it.

Students prepared tiny idols of Lord Ganesha, supposed to be the most favourite Idol amongst kids. They learned the importance of ‘Bhoomi’ and ‘Mitti’ with this campaign. They found granules of concrete and traces of plastic into it which made the molding process a little tough, the kids learned they should not dispose the plastic waste on soil as it leads to soil pollution.

The happy faces of these kids confirm their dedication. They were also told about other initiatives being carried out at “Dhruvansh”.

The kids decorated their Ganpati their way with natural and clay colours.

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