An Effort of SRISTI: The banana trees used on Diwali are for wild Elephants

Nature and human relationships have been a relationship for long. In an effort to strengthen this relationship made an effort on the part of SRISTI (NGO) to take the banana trees used last Diwali to elephants in Manash National Park of Assam . Last time around 3000 banana trees were taken from places of Assam . Like the previous year, this year also, SRISTI has undertaken this effort with double enthusiasm. Attracted by the enthusiasm of the members of the SRISTI, last time and the advice of the well wishers, this time they are thinking of taking around 6000 banana trees to Manash National Park. They want your help and advice. Every NGO can easily adopt the beautiful idea of ​​SRISTI. Every day, on average, one person — mostly a farmer — is killed in a human-elephant conflict. Of the total deaths due to this conflict in the last six years, 48 percent have been from Odisha, West Bengal, and Jharkhand. These three States, along with Assam, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu, have accounted for 85 percent of the total deaths. through this process, we can easily solve the food crises of elephants!

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