A man, who collects plastic bottle when going for morning walk! He named that activity” Plaking”

Every morning when he goes out for a walk, 62-year-old Paarol Rajan stops to collect plastic bottles on his 2 km route. Despite the criticism from the villagers, he is cleaning up the Chemancheri Village of Kerala in a unique way called ‘Plalking’. He started this exercise 4 months ago, when he realised plastics were choking the drains and adding to the flooding in Kerala villages.

Paarol Rajan is a 62-year-old farmer hailing from the Chemancheri village of Kerala. He has been trying to make his village a cleaner place by what is called ‘plalking’. ‘Plalking’ means walking and picking up.

Every day, Rajan goes out for his walk on a 2km route and on his way, he stops and collects plastic bottles and other plastic wastes that he sees being littered on the roads.

He started plalking after he witnessed the massive flood in Kerala. The devastating flood in 2018 killed over 480 people and another 140 went missing. During then, he felt that the plastics that clogged the drains of the state made the flood worse.

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