1500 species of traditional medicinal plants preserved in 1 acre of natural forest – Kerela

Suresh Vanamitra- A man who preserves a forest around in his house.

Where does a man can live? Can he make his own house fully cover with forest? If we have any doubt you should come and visit Suresh Vanamitra. A man dedicates his life to preserve all traditional medicinal plants and other trees in a natural forest preserving method.

Suresh Vanamitra is his name. As the name denotes he is really a Vanamitra.
In Suresh’s house premises in one acre of natural forest.

He named it as Sanjeevani Medicinal forest. Now around 1500 species of medicinal plants are there. Suresh is a private company employee. But his Schedule in a day is always for environmental protection activities.

Suresh himself is a good trekking trainer. He also gives directions to students, youngsters, and all environmental lovers on Vana Jeevan. He had his own club called Nature Club.

He gives all his team training to live in the forest in a natural way. Around 4 days one should live in the forest. Do not use any modern items with you. After enter into the forest you have to obey all the rules of Environment and Nature.

Setting up of medicinal gardens, preservation of snake groves (Kavu) and planting of the zodiac trees were undertaken in collaboration with the club.

Bamboo saplings were also planted for coastal protection. Classes on “Nature and Herbal Experience” were often taken for the younger generations and trying best to make the upcoming generations ideal nature preservers.

Suresh vanamitra is now the Thrissur Vibhag Paryavaran Samrakshan Gatividhi Samyojak.In recognition for these efforts, I had received the “Vanamithra” Award in 2014, “Prakriti Mithra” Award in 2015, “Akshaya Shri” Award in 2021, and several other accolades for the same.

Suresh vanamitra is now the Thrissur Vibhag Paryavaran Samrakshan Gatividhi Samyojak.

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